1717 Waterbased Coating

Product Description
  • A fast drying premium varnish, exhibiting a silk finish
  • Formulated as a double sided emulsion
  • Excellent levels of rub resistance and press stability
  • Low foaming so suitable for aggressive pumps and anilox


Technical Characteristics:

Viscosity (DIN 4 @ 20°C)
Gloss (Sheen @ 60°on Gloss Art) Drying Speed

Rub Resistance Slip Values Heat Resistance

Application Characteristics:

Single/Double Sided
Recommended Minimum Back up time Minimum Substrate Grammage Glueable
Foil Blockable
UV Varnishable
Recommended film weight

43-53 Seconds 7.8-8.2 38-42 % 10-30 Medium – Fast Good Medium 140 °C

Double 90 minutes 80 gsm Yes Yes Yes 2-4 gsm wet

1717 is suitable for use in the carton, commercial and magazine sectors, and is recommended for food work if contact is indirect. This coating is not suitable for direct food contact. For further technical details, please consult “Health and Safety” data sheets.

Coating 1717 is suitable for application via the majority of in- line coaters on Heidelberg, Komori’s, Mitsubishi, Roland, KBA, Ryobi, etc. Application can be via conventional three roller methods or enclosed chamber anilox systems.

General Technical Details:
1717 has been formulated to provide a streak free finish, whilst possessing suitable re-solubility characteristics making it recommended for double sided work and turn applications.

Back up times will depend however on substrate type, ink film

weight and press conditions, although it is recommended that

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printed material has been left to set for at least 90 minutes prior to re-working.

1717 is suitable with testing for subsequent finishing operations such as foil blocking, gluing, lamination and UV varnishing. Certain recommendations will need to be followed if UV varnishing – please contact us for further information.

1717 has been formulated to provide excellent low curl and distortion characteristics. For this reason this varnish can be employed as a sealer for light weight substrates. To reduce curl further, ensure paper has been suitably conditioned, and that press extraction is functioning.

Optimum drying conditions would include the use of hot air knives, and IR lamps. IR lamps should be kept to a minimum, with direct stack temperatures not falling below 27 °C or rise above 34 °C. For short runs, stack temperatures may not reach the optimum figures, and this must be considered if attempting to back up work rapidly.

Light application of a middle grade spray powder is recommended.

Storage and Handling:
Waterbased emulsions should not be exposed to temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C. During cold months, it is recommended that containers are kept off cold floors and stored on pallets. The shelf life of this coating is – if unopened and stored in the correct conditions – 12 months.

Waterbased emulsions are non hazardous and require no special storage or labelling.