• Channel Trax Plus

Channel Trax Plus

Product Description
Channel Trax Plus
Channel Trax Plus is the ultimate advanced matrix system. Combining pressboard with modern materials, Trax offers up to 3 times the durability of similar matrices.

  • Accurate locator – ensures perfect registration everytime
  • Low profile chamfer – board flows freely over the matrix; board marking is reduced
  • Fingerlift adhesive – backing paper easily and quickly removed
  • High tolerance – extremely accurate channel depth and width
  • Removes cleanly from the plate after use, will not move about during machine run
  • Full range of sizes available to suit all board types, internal chamfers, for low quality boards, and off-centres for close creasing
  • High quality pressboard construction, can be easily cut and chamfered
  • Extremely durable
  • Originally produced under patent numbers 807,251 and 909331

More Info: http://www.candtmatrix.com/wp-content/themes/candtmatrix/pdfs/Trax_Plus.pdf