• Bohler

Cutting Rules

Product Description
brand characteristics used for
Top hard cutting rule with good bendability
450 HV
multi purpose cutting rule used for cardboard, corrugated, etc.
H 75 very hard cutting rule with high stability and excellent lifetime
525 HV
for difficult materials like gasket,rubber, cork, etc.
Universal standard cutting rule with hardened cutting edge and soft body
340 / 640 HV
universally used cutting rule with excellent bending properties based on soft body with a long service life due to hardened cutting edge
Universal 60 cutting rule with hardened cutting edge and medium body
450 / 640 HV
high stability with good bending properties used for plastic, puzzles, etc.
Universal 75 very hard cutting rule with an hardened edge
525 / 640 HV
for cutting heavy materials such as non-asbestos gasket materials, reinforced glass fibre and other abrasive materials, due to highest stability and excellent lifetime
special types

Universal Autoflex

specially selected Böhler Universal cutting rule with 47° cutting angle and K-back execution cutting rule with improved properties developed for the use in automatic bending machines for the highest repeatability and accuracy