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Product Description
Category Press-room chemicals
Description ISOFREE is a high concentrated dampening solution. Reduce at 50% the Isopropyl Alcool. It is a buffer fountain solution suitable for resolving all the problems encountered in wetting both with regard to sheet and web offset machines. This fountain solution contain buffered dampening additive and stabilise the pH value for long time. ISOFREE is indicated for osmosised and different water types.
Specifications This fountain solution guarantees excellent stability of the water-ink equilibrium and can be used in traditional wetting systems : Dahlgren, Rolandmatic, Deltamatic, Alcolor,Hydrocolor, DuoTroll etc. The presence of special surface-active agents considerably decreases the surface tension of the water with the resulting decreases to a minimum of the damping water and a consequent increased saturation and brilliance of the inks. Our Fountain Solution contains a special anticorrosive which protects the plates and the metal parts from corrosion. ISOFREE excludes the formation of algae and mildew in the recycling stations and improves the filmogen characteristics.
Instructions Dilution at 2 – 3% with water hardness from 5° dH up to 14° dH At 2%: pH 4,8 – 5,1 – conductivity 1.250 microsiemens – surface tension 32 dyne/cm At 3%: pH 4,7 – 4,9 – conductivity 1.450 microsiemens – surface tension 31 dyne/cm
Packaging 5 tl./10 lt./200 lt.
Appearence Liquid
Colour Blue
Odour No
Flash point No
Water solubity Yes
Solvent solubity No