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Polish 90

Product Description
Product POLISH 90
Category Press-room chemicals
Description POLISH 90 is a high quality strong plate cleaner for all positive and negative offset plates. This product contain small abrasive substances. It has an excellent disoxidising power and it strongly reactivates grafism and countergrafism. It is an excellent degreasing agent of the printing parts and it facilitates the ink set. POLISH 90 is not indicated for CtP Plates.
Specifications It is often necessary for the lithograph operator to intervene during printing or when the machine is at standstill in order to remove from strong scumming, blind spots, inking of non-image areas, and strong oxidation on presensitized plates. POLISH 90 resolve these problems in the best possible way. This plate cleaner is a highly active deoxidizing cleaner-detergent studies for the rapid removal of oxidation and inking of non-image areas from every analogical plates. The formula of POLISH 90 consists on a particular combination of hydrophile and lipophile components , when passed over the plate with a viscose sponge, remove the ink, eliminate the oxidations which cause inking of non-image areas and, at the same time, activate the printing areas, preparing them for easy and rapid inking. POLISH 90 restores ideal printing conditions.
Instructions The product can be applied manually: spread POLISH 90 with a sponge over the plate, rubbing gently. Leave working for necessary time , then rinse with water.
Packaging 1 lt/2 lt./5 lt.
Appearence Liquid
Colour White
Odour No
Flash point No
Water solubity No
Solvent solubity No