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Product Description
Category Press-room chemicals
Description RIGENERAPRINT is a strong blanket and rollers regenerator with slow volatility. Indicated for weekly regeneration. Deep clean blankets, rollers and removes ink. RIGENERPARINT causes momentary blanket and roller swelling and damage the emulsion of non-baked pre-sensitized positive printing plates. RIGENERAPRINT not contain aromatic solvents.
Specifications RIGENERAPRINT which seeps deeply into the capillary structure of the blanket and and rollers and therefore achieves a regenerating and preserving effect. RIGENERAPRINT gives elasticity and porosity back to roller and blanket surfaces. Used weekly or at the end of the work shift it prevents the hardening and the ageing of rubber.
Instructions Pour the product on a cloth and pass it over the blanket. After rinse with water or with Rotorigen.
Packaging 1 lt./2 lt./5 lt./10 lt./200 lt.
Appearence Liquid
Colour Blue
Odour Tipic
Flash point 50°C.
Water solubity No
Solvent solubity Yes