• Special Rules

Special Rules

Product Description
Special rules are modified cutting rules used for all kinds of different applications like perforating, cutting patterns for opening of packages, glue flaps or the safe manufacture of folding edges.

type of rule description/application
Perforating Rules They are used for the manufacturing of discontinuous cuts for detaching and as an alternative for creasing rules.

BÖHLER perforating rules are available in various tooth/gap configurations.

Cut-Crease Rules This rule spares the user the unpleasant task of alternately inserting individual parts of cutting and creasing rules.

BÖHLER cut-crease rules are available in punched, flat- or round machined executions.

Glue Flap Rules Glue flap rules are wave edge perforating rules which are manufactured in scoring rule heights.

They are used to roughen the glue flaps on cardboard boxes to obtain a firm grip surface for the adhesive.

Zipper Edge Rules Zipper edge rules are used to create a special type of perforation for convenient opening of packages.
Wave Edge Rules

deckle edge rules

The main area of application for wave edge rules is in the production of safety cutting edges on cardboard and corrugated board.

Deckle edge rules are used to cut post cards, greetings cards and business cards.

Stripping Rules BÖHLER stripping rules are the optimum solution for ejecting the waste material during the die cutting process.

Our product range includes flat, additionally waved, serrated and waved-serrated executions.