UV FoilStar SW

Product Description


for non-absorbing printing substrates

This process series stands out for its excellent printing properties and shows outstanding adhesion on a big range of non-absorbing printing substrates such as foil, plastic and metallized papers.
Another field of application of this series are coated cardboards and papers.
This series can be used on sheet-fed offset printing machines or on continuous form printing machines.
The main area of application are high-quality packaging and labels.


  • Excellent adhesion on a big range of different non-absorbing printing substrates
  • Excellent printability
  • High intensity
  • Fast curing of the ink film
  • Suitable for foil blocking and lamination
  • High flexibility of the ink film
item no. light transp. spirit nitro alcali
UV FoilStar SW Yellow 60-2505 5 + + + +
UV FoilStar SW Magenta 60-2506 5 + + +
UV FoilStar SW Cyan 60-2507 8 + + + +
UV FoilStar SW Black 60-2508 8 +

+ properties given, -  properties not given


UV-Covering White       46220
UV-Thinner                      1314
UV-Accelerator              1167
UV-Transparent White 47164

Important note of usage:

Because of the vast variety of substrates on the market, in-house preruns
are advised to determine the adhesive properties. Should you
require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our technical


UV inks have a limited shelf life. In case of appropriate storage at 20 °C
and protected from direct sunlight, we guarantee a shelf life of 6 months.