1. What type of substrate are you using?
  2. What type of damping system do you have?
  3. Check the type of fountain you are using.
  4. Ph balance should be between 5.0 – 5.3.
  5. If damping system is alcohol, add 8 to 12 volume percent to the damping system.
  6. Check to see if temperature in the press is approx. 19oC

Please check that you are using a good Fountain. Please ask our office for the advisable fountains.

Please make sure that the fonts you have are not damaged, reinstall them and retry. If the problem remains, please feel free to call us.

There is a special set called Foil ink that is specially manufactured for this type of substrate.

In spite of using the normal fountain dilution of 4%, you should also mix 2-3% alcohol with the damping solution.

The alcohol will increase the drying time.

First of all, your film must be a negative film with emulsion side up.
Then, as you might know the polymer system is to flip the film on to the plate so that the reading is wrong.
You can then expose the film on the plate for 140 seconds if the film density is over 2.0. After exposure, wash the plate for 230 seconds.
Then, put it for 7 minutes in the drying procedure after washing it with normal water.
The final procedure will be by exposing it for 500 seconds in order to strengthen the plate for longer runs.

It is done under the same procedure as the normal one except that you should add 1-2% Caustique Soda.
If the problem remains, please feel free to contact us.

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