With more than 50 years of expanding business, G. Syriani & Sons sarl has gained closed experience and knowledge of local conditions and requirements for the Middle East markets. Having direct access to the German factories of printing supplies and accessories, we have continuously built up a more and more complete product range.
We also promote high levels of integrity that provide superior level of respect within our industry with a reputation for leadership and superior product quality through a process of continuous improvement.
We established a team of committed, qualified employees to whom it provides the opportunity to achieve quality objectives through motivation and personal success.
G. Syriani & Sons sarl will continue its effort on satisfying their clients and try to update them with all the new technology. Our aim is not the quantity! It is the quality, the price and the satisfaction of our clients all over the world.
We are glad to inform our customers that we have now a very sophisticated mixing station.
We are able to mix all the Pantone colors, HKS (German shades) and all the shades you choose from 1 to 300 Kilos, all at once.
We can give you also a proof with the IGT proofing machine.
We can grant you the best price with the best shades.
We will do your work! Try us and you can see quickly the results…